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UV-C Disinfection – Why Is It So Relevant Today ?

<Strong><b> UV-C Disinfection – Why Is It So Relevant Today ? </b></strong>

As nations begin to come out of lockdown, there’s a renewed focus on ensuring that facilities and workplaces are safe to use. As companies grapple with this new reality, a tried and tested disinfectant, in the form of UV-C radiation, is garnering huge interest.

UV-C radiation refers to a light wavelength that is between the 200 nanometres to 300 nanometres range. This form of light is invisible to the human eye. This radiation is so potent that it has the capability to destroy pathogens and other harmful micro-organisms. Thus, it is also known as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation. UV-C radiation has high energy light waves that can be absorbed by cellular DNA and RNA, ultimately preventing pathogens from reproducing and causing infection, by destroying their cellular proteins and nucleic acids.



We all are exposed to low levels of UV light from the sun’s rays every day, although much of the UV energy is absorbed by the ozone layer. A word of caution, if you are using a UVC device, avoid looking directly at the UV light as exposing your eyes to UV light could harm your vision and cause other eye problems.


The Advantages of Using UV-C Radiation for Disinfection

There are many advantages of using UVC radiation for the purpose of disinfecting an object, or an area, such as:

1. HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: UV-C radiation possesses the capability of destroying as much as 99.9% of the targeted population of harmful microbes. It is among the best options for disinfection as pathogens are immensely vulnerable to UV-C radiation and are unable to recover from the cellular damage that it causes.

2. ECO-FRIENDLY & CHEMICAL-FREE: UV-C radiation does not make use of any chemicals or sprays that can harm humans, and thus make for a great way of disinfecting a place without causing any serious or harmful side-effects to people.

3. ZERO VOC EMISSIONSUV-C radiation does not give rise to any VOC emissions, toxic waste, or harmful by-products in the process of disinfection.

4. RAPID-ACTIONUV-C light can successfully disinfect surfaces or objects  in a matter of mere moments.

5. SAFE TO CARRY & USEUV-C radiation does not require any kind of harmful or dangerous material or substance to be contained or stored in order to carry out the process of disinfection. There is absolutely no transportation, storage or managing of corrosive or toxic chemicals. Check out our SANITIZ-PRO UVC Disinfection Wand that is portable and lightweight.  You can easily carry it in your purse or laptop bag and use it to disinfect objects or surfaces as needed.  



6. SAFE FOR DISINFECTING FOOD: UV-C radiation does not affect the taste or smell of food items and beverages when they are undergoing disinfection. The process does not change any characteristics of the food and leaves behind no residue. Therefore UVC radiation is a safe way to disinfect food products. 


    UV-C Radiation v/s Other Disinfection Methods

    Disinfection techniques that have hitherto been prevalent and make use of gases like ozone and other harmful chemical substances are not a good option, at least not anymore, especially since it has come to light how much damage they can cause to humans and the environment. Not only do most of them smell bad, but they are also extremely harmful. UV-C radiation, on the other hand, has no smell at all and poses no threat to the health and life of human beings as long as safety protocols are followed. Moreover, in stark contrast to other regular germicides that kill only about 50% of the airborne pathogen, UV-C radiation can successfully destroy 99.9% of the pathogen population on surfaces.

    Common disinfection options like Alcohol wipes are not effective in reaching hard-to-reach crevices. Other disinfection methods can introduce additional chemicals or human error into the cleaning process. But the devices like sprayer or air compressor used in common disinfection methods require movement or multiple positioning adding to the workflow and decreasing productivity.

    With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic wreaking havoc on the world now, proper sanitation, hygiene, and effective disinfection are an absolute must, which is something UV-C radiation can accomplish without compromising our health and environment. UVC has been widely used to sterilize devices in hospitals for over 50 years. Today, UV-C radiation is being used to disinfect railway stations, airports, public transport, hospitals, and other places where mass gatherings are common, so as to eliminate the tiniest possibility of infection and make public spaces safe again. The catastrophe brought in by the pandemic should serve as a wake-up call to us all to maintain the same standard of sanitation and disinfection even after the COVID-19 crisis by making use of UV-C radiation to eliminate all pathogens and disinfection.

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