AMBISHIELD-PRO Portable UV Light (UVC) Air Purifier with H13 HEPA Filter for Car | Office | Home | Travel

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BREATHE HEALTHY WITH POWERFUL 2-STAGE PURIFICATION - “Harness the Combined Power of UVC Disinfection and HEPA Filtration to Eliminate Airborne Pathogens, Odor, Allergens and Dust”. 


  • SUPERIOR 3-LAYER AIR PURIFICATION – With a 3 layered H13 Class HEPA Filter (Activated carbon + HEPA Coating + Primary Effect Filter), IFINITY AMBISHIELD-PRO effectively removes unsafe pollutants from the surrounding air like PM2.5 pollutants (fine particulate matter), Dust, Pollen, Second-hand smoke, Car exhaust, Car odor, and Pet dander.
  • EFFECTIVE UV STERILIZATION – Featuring 2 LED ULTRAVOILET (UVC) lamp beads for effective double sterilization effect, our personal air purifier mini wipes out 99.9% of bacteria, certain molds, pathogens, and other allergens. These compact UV air purifiers help eliminate major health risks hidden in the air, and prevent any harm to your family, fellow passengers or pets.
  • POWERFUL AIR CIRCULATION – AMBISHIELD-PRO air purifiers have an ultra-fast 6 m3/h CADR cycle that takes just 30 minutes to refresh all the air in a standard-sized car. Equipped with a potent turbine power system and tower-shaped air ducts, the UV air purifiers facilitate larger volumes of air circulation, up to 10 cubic meters of global purification in all the corners of the room.
  • PORTABLE & ULTRA-QUIET  – Measuring 2.55”x6.69” (65 mm x 170 mm) and weighing 0.58 lbs. (266 g), this travel-friendly personal HEPA Air purifier can be used at home, office, car, and while on the go! The unit is also ultra-quiet with Noise output <38dB.
  • AROMATHERAPY FUNCTION - Our air purifiers also has a unique Aromatherapy function to freshen up any room or vehicle. Use your favorite perfume or essential oil and relax ! Perfect for your YOGA STUDIO…
  • DURABLE & PREMIUM QUALITY – Made from a superior combination of ABS + ALUMINIUM ALLOY for extra durability, the room purifiers contain LED lamp beads that have a lifetime of 10000 hours and HEPA filters with an operation time of 500 hours ! This mini air purifier has a micro-USB input of 5V/1A, USB power output of 5V/1A.