Moisture Wicking Active Headband For Sports, Workouts, Yoga & Running | 2 Piece Bundle Deal

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Our active headbands are designed to be a sports sweatband and a stylish headband that you can wear every day!

Our sweatband helps you look good while doing the most intense physical activity or just using it to hold your hair up at the beach. These workout headbands are perfect for any type of fitness training, or outdoor activity and their simple design serves a variety of purposes.

Stretchable and breathable fabric gives you a comfortable snug fit while keeping you cool by wicking away sweat during your sports activities. You can even wear it under everyday protective gear like hard hats.

This bundle includes: 2 Active Headbands

Recommended For: Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Workouts, Running, Sports & Outdoor Activities. 

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